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About us

The KMCC team consist of several different teams including Informatics, Pharmacy, Service Improvement and Patient and Public Involvement. Working closely with all healthcare professionals, Clinical Commissioning Groups and a network of stakeholders, we have a high level of communication and share best practice across Kent and Medway. We have strengthened our relationships to ensure efficient and committed service improvement through a variety of meetings including Tumour site meetings and Operational & Quality.


The Team

Caroline Waters           

Network Lead Pharmacist 

Helen Downs

Chemotherapy Electronic Prescribing
System Administrator

Hayley Paddock 

E-Prescribing Pharmacist  

Michelle Archer

Pharmacy Technician

Tracey Ryan 

Tracey Ryan 1 2019jpg.jpg

Macmillan User Involvement Manager 

Roshny Patel

Chemotherapy Protocol Administration and Support Officer

Annette  Wiltshire

Photo of Annette

Service Improvement Facilitator 

Karen Glass

Photo of Karen Glass 2

Administration & Support Officer

Colin Chamberlain

Photo of Colin Chamberlain 2

Administration & Support Officer 

Matt Hine

Senior CIS Manager 

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

InfoFlex Project Manager 

Jessica Rundle

InfoFlex Support Analyst