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Network Chemotherapy Prescription Proformas/Protocols (NHS Staff use)

All patients should be tested for DPD deficiency before starting 5-fluorouracil (intravenous), capecitabine and tegafur. All relevant protocols will be updated with this requirement at their next review.

Full guidance below:


Access to Free of Charge Drugs Outside of Clinical Trials (via Access Schemes or Early Access to Medicine Schemes) v1


Organisational Processes and Governance Structure for SACT Protocols and Electronic Prescribing Regimens v9 (14.12.17)

Guidance on capping of BSA for the purposes of calculating cytotoxic chemotherapy v1  

Policy for the Management of Algorithm deviations and the use of unfunded medicines which form part of treatment algorithms as defined in the Oncological Treatment Guidelines v6


SOP-001 Standard Operating Procedure for the Maintenance of the Kent and Medway Cancer Collaborative (KMCC) Regimens Spreadsheets for Oncology and Haematology v1

SOP-002 Standard Operating Procedure for the Development (or Update) and Validation of Kent & Medway Systemic Anticancer Therapy Protocols (process)

SOP-004 Standard Operating Procedure for the Development and Checking of SACT Protocols for Oncology and Haematology v3 (checklist and process for authorisation of minor amendments)

SOP-003 Standard Operating Procedure for the Development (or Update) and Validation of Kent & Medway Oncological Treatment Guidelines  

Protocols for Oral Anti-Cancer Treatments Dispensed in the Community

Imatinib for CML and Ph+ and ALL v2

UGI-015 Imatinib for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST) v4

UGI-056 Imatinib for ADJUVANT treatment of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST) v2

Supportive Care Guidelines & Supplementary Information Guidelines 

Cisplatin Hydration Guidelines v2 reviewed JULY 2020, no changes required and approved for use.

Guidelines for use of Rasburicase 

SOP for Carboplatin Desensitisation - Currently under review. For the latest protocol please refer to GYN-035 Carboplatin desensitisation found at

Information Sheets